Kingdom Rush

Take a role of noble and heroic warrior, who is general of king's forces. Serve for the king Denas and complete all required missions. Be the the brave defender of Kingdom.

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  • Scooter Stunt
  • I Saw Her Standing There
  • Sky Island
  • Pirate Conflict
  • Frank N Slime
  • Kit and the Octopod
  • Tank Guardians
  • Gumball Pilot
  • Caribbean Admiral
  • Mummy Blaster
  •  Tom And Jerry Dangerous Flights
  • Zombie Flood
  • Coaster Racer 3
  • Thunder Cars
  • The Wolverine. Tokyo Fury
  •  Dune Runners
  •  Carbon Fiber Showdown
  • Llama In Your Face
  • Kill Troll
  • Inferno