The Viking Dragon Knight

Welcome to the Burke island - the place where humans and dragons were the mutual enemies for a long time, but now they became closest friends. Today this wonderful island is under attack of robbers, so help Hiccup to defend this beautiful place.

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  • Bubble Friends
  •  Shape Shifter
  • Mario Shoot Zombie
  • Cold Circuit
  • Critter Kingdom
  • Feudalism 3
  •  Simpsons Run Faster And Faster
  • the Snake Jump
  • Town Driver
  • Empire Island
  • Stunt Master
  • Sancho Ponchek
  • Puzzle Prince
  • Prizma Puzzle Challenges
  • Just Shut Up and Drive
  • Spy Car
  • Crazy Pool 2
  • Effing Worms
  • Flying Candy
  •  Dragon Flap