Tofu Escape

The little tofu is trying to escape. It starts out pretty easy but the journey gets tough very quickly. This Tofu can walk through secret passages and can even live after falling through holes. Get creative or you will never find the way to escape

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  • Llama In Your Face
  • Load Up and Kill
  •  Vanish Rain
  • Skill Zone
  • Marios Adventure 2
  • Weapon
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Back to the Alien Party
  • Book Cricket
  • Angel of the Battlefield
  • Jane's Hotel Mania
  • Falling Fishes
  • Bob Ship Escape
  •  Axifer Billiards
  • Three Kingdoms War
  • Ptyans mototrikes
  • Tom Throat Doctor
  • Pacxon Deluxe
  • Ultimate Army 5
  • Roadkill Revenge