Tofu Escape

The little tofu is trying to escape. It starts out pretty easy but the journey gets tough very quickly. This Tofu can walk through secret passages and can even live after falling through holes. Get creative or you will never find the way to escape

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  • Out of wind
  • Bouncy Squirrel
  • IQ Ball
  • Burrito Bison
  •  Rolly Stone Age Mammoth Rescue
  •  Black IV Time of Revenge
  • Milford the Ghosts
  • Farm Tractors Wash And Repair
  • Super Gravity Rush
  •  World Cup 2014 Free Kick
  • Factory Balls 4
  • Tarzan Ball
  • The Little Who
  • Hidden Alphabet 12
  • Dirt Bike 5
  • Chromatronix
  • Armor Mayhem
  • Ninja Dogs
  • Swift Blue Car Puzzle
  •  Give Birth A Cute Baby