Tamus And Mitta Adventures

Evil creatures kidnapped Sun Toys. Luckily, Mitta and Tamus can rescue them. You have to search all of them in the legendary caves. You will have to use Tamu…

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  • Action Ship
  •  Trucks on Rocks
  • Trapping Raccoon
  •  Fleabag vs Mutt
  • Clash of the Worlds
  • Star Pirate Inception
  • Flying Panda
  • Penguins attack 3
  • Teddys Excellent Adventure
  • Level Editor
  • Fort Blaster: Ahoy There
  •  Sharpshooter Jerry
  • Police Sniper Training
  • Electro Slime
  • Tiki 10 Pin
  • Modern Air War
  • Doraemon And The Bad Dogs
  • Sea Eater
  • Didi Ice Cream
  • Back to the Alien Party