Who is Kizi?

You will not believe it, but a small alien named Kizi flew to planet Earth. Don't be afraid of him, he will not harm you. Alien Kizi wants to ask you for help, his planet was captured by enemies, you are his only hope for salvation. But if you do not help him, he will lose this war. To give you time to think, we have put together a section of Y8 games for you where you can play with a cute alien and make sure that he is well. In each online game you can get to know this unusual creature more closely and once again make sure that Kizi is very well and loves to play Friv Games. For example, in the game Kizi’s Adventure you will travel around the planets to collect all the parts of the Kizi spaceship. But in the game My Kizi you can grow your cute green alien, who will be your best virtual friend. Therefore, do not waste time and start unusual games with the participation of the cute alien Kesey. Have fun!

About Kizi Games

Exploring sites looking for an entertaining toy? Stop, the choice has already been made - these are Kizi games. Enjoy different genres - racing, shooting games or arcade online games - all this is hidden in one click of the mouse. Discover new amazing worlds with cute characters: rob someone along with the thief Bob, drive on the tracks with Monster Trucks, help Om Nom eat all the sweets or go through a couple of games with the green dinosaur - Kizi. All online arcades boast unique and vibrant characters. All heroes have a unique character and features, it is they who make you return to your favorite game again and again. Set aside, it's time to take over this crazy, crazy world! In addition to the heroes listed above, there are other popular series on the Kizi website: 3 Pandas, Money Movers and Willie's Machine, which already has 7 parts.