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Do you want to meet a cute alien? Then open the game Kizi. This green creature will not hurt you. It flew to Earth to ask for help - his planet was taken over by monsters. While they fix his starship, you can have a little fun in the games, where Kizi is the main character.

The story of monster Kizi

Once on Earth, the Martian was scared and confused. He wanted to repair the transport as soon as possible and get a real mate. But the repairs took too long, and Kizi was stuck here for a long time. Help him get used to playing Kizi games with him - show him the reserves, teach him how to drive cars, etc.

Drive cars with Kizi through endless fields, jungles and more. Go with him to the stadium, where the kids have fun on go-karts. In the game try to move carefully and enter the turns. Yes, for winning the competition you will earn a lot of coins. You can spend them on skins for your character or get improvements. We're sure you'll enjoy playing catch-up with Kizi. He's quick and agile. Catching him will be quite difficult. But let the kid have fun and beat you at least once.

Kizi really enjoys exploring the planets. He'll climb mountains, walk through valleys and learn new trades. Work in the arena with Kizi to create a small settlement. Build residential cabins and businesses. It is important to fill the treasury with money to expand your holdings. Manage everything, of course, will be one-eyed toddler.

Also, alien Kizi is excited about flying spaceships. He's been able to make his own mini-ship out of the materials at hand. Send Kizi into orbit to grab the stars. Watch the speed of the spacecraft. It will drop periodically and you'll have to constantly refill the fuel canister. If you miss the point, the hero will crash.

Kizi games will not let you relax. Need to watch the fidget, so he did not do anything stupid and did not die. Often, he does not have the patience to see things through, and he begins to panic. Calm him down and help sort out the problems.

Our character is also interested in medicine. He decided to become a dentist and treat children's teeth. Games with the alien doctor is extremely fun. Have to clean, drill and whiten incisors. Use brushes, drills, and powders to treat tooth decay and clear the mouth of infection. If you do the manipulation correctly, the boys' and girls' smiles will shine.

Kizi Games

Kizi games allow you not only to spend time in a fun and exciting, but also to learn a lot of useful information. One day the dragon decided to work as a chef and learn how to cook rolls and other Japanese delicacies. You will be playing in the bar. Engage in cutting, cooking and steaming food in soy sauce. Try to prepare the dish quickly, so the chef will not swear, and guests received an order on time.

You can get to know Kizi better in a fun app, where you can spend a whole day with charming. You have to feed, bathe and dress him. Please him and do whatever he wants. When he is tired you will put him to bed. He is not capricious and will not throw tantrums. Playing Poki games gives you a cool, reliable friend to take care of.

Bad mood? Then run simulators with the prankster. They will banish sad thoughts and energize positive. Games with him will be dynamic and hilarious. The hero is not used to sitting still and craves adventure. Give him a cool weekend, and go for a walk through the parks and cities.

Quests on the asteroid with Kizi

When Kizi's rocket was repaired, he wished he could visit other worlds. You'll walk through amazing locations and make friends with funny animals. True, not all of them are as kind as our buddy. Try to bypass the villains and make friends with the smiling creatures.

These games will give great fun and kids, and adults. They have an intricate plot, and fantastic graphics. Just look at these rocks, flowers and sea! You want to stay here forever and play with your kid endlessly.

You can walk around the suspended platforms and collect valuable items. But keep in mind that the islets have a force of attraction, and it will not be easy to get away from them and move to the next stage. With Kizi you can pass any obstacle. Take your time and calculate the moment to jump.

These arcade games will force to include wit and dexterity. You will not interfere with Kizi to pass the mission, right? Then think of tactics and carefully examine the map. Games will require concentration. Prankster need to follow on his heels and ensure that he has a safe pastime.

Busy and funny games Kizi will be a favorite on your list of roamers. Be sure to try the simulators, where the main character is an irrepressible kid. Open the arcade presented can be in any browser. The site will find a lot of instances that run on both computer and android. Sea of positive emotions and pleasant experiences, we guarantee it!