Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops

Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops

About game «Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops»

Do you like adventures in the style of space battles and imperial expansions, do you want to try real action and relax a little? Then join the rebel team and adventures are provided to you in any amount. You are part of a team consisting of Sabina, Hera, Ezra, Kanan, and Zeba. They are preparing to deliver a powerful retaliatory strike against the forces of the Empire.

Play the game name for free online. Even though the Death Star has been destroyed, the rebels are now facing difficult circumstances because imperial warriors are now pursuing them throughout the galaxy. However, there is nowhere to go and they must avoid space wars. Join the game's primary characters as they travel across a space base. Strike your opponents straightaway to prevent them from attacking you. If you don't recover the lost trophies and elixirs of life energy, you won't make it to the finish line and won't be able to aid the rebels. Enjoy playing Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops on a variety of gadgets.