3 Warrior Team Force

3 Warrior Team Force

About game «3 Warrior Team Force»

I would like the essence of a person to be white and fluffy, but there are examples when it happens quite the opposite. The lust for power, money, superiority, and so on just shows us the other side of the coin. Anger, aggression, desire to fight - is this not something that each of us in some way observed in our life. The kingdom was attacked by a variety of evil creatures. In the game 3 Warrior Team Force you will be able to repel the attack of monsters with a close-knit team of the best warriors - a knight, an archer and a magician. Switch between your soldiers, try to save the lives of all your soldiers. After each round, you can improve all your combat units by raising their characteristics and buying new armor, magic, weapons. Truth and enemies grow stronger, so be always one step ahead. Successful defense!

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