Bus & Subway Runner

Bus & Subway Runner

About game «Bus & Subway Runner»

Play Bus & Subway Runner online free game. Today the policemen are extremely careful. They are watching their old villain, surfer, who constantly surfs the bus in the Subway. Your task is to assist the boy to run away from the police. Pay attention to the indications how to move. There is possibility to be even faster – just use a skateboard. And one more feature is to press the rocket button on your screen and then you character will fly. Become the most successful player in this game, combining two important qualities – speed and fast reaction. Pick up all the coins and then you will be able to acquire a new character in the store. Turn on the multiplayer mode to be able to compete with the real players from all over the world. Show us what you are capable of, playing this game from any types of gadgets and devices.

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