Cyber Truck Drive Simulator

Cyber Truck Drive Simulator

About game «Cyber Truck Drive Simulator»

Car Racing Games were the first computer games that spanned absolutely all generations. But if the first gamers had to buy and install toys on a computer, now they are available online for free, and you can play not only alone, but together, choose not only the color of the machine, but also its model, equip it with different devices, conducting a full tuning. You will test another super vehicle that does not require a driver, but navigation is mandatory and you will fulfill it from a certain distance. The mission is to drive to the flag in the limited period. An image from the GPS is placed in front of the vehicle, if you ride in the proper direction, the amount of meters to the final point drops, if you notice that the amount is increasing, then it's moment to go back and find the right path.

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