Black Panther Vibranium Hunt

Black Panther Vibranium Hunt

About game «Black Panther Vibranium Hunt»

Play Black Panther Vibranium Hunt online free application for all gadgets. The adventure in a game takes place in Wakanda, the country of our hero. There exists a very exclusive kind of metal, that can devour vibration, called Vibranium, and a lot of people battle for it. It appeared on this land from the fallen asteroid. Our hero Black Panther dares to rescue his African soulmates by finishing a long struggle for this precious metal, in result of which a lot of people from various tribes were assassinated. Do your best to assist Black Panther in protecting his native lands and saving his brothers from the deadly war! Black Panther Vibranium Hunt is available on different devices. Have fun and conquer all the enemies in this amazing adventure!

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