Super Onion Boy

Super Onion Boy

About game «Super Onion Boy»

Super Onion Boy is a pixel mario-like platformer about the life of a guy with an onion instead of a head, driven by the goal of rescuing a charming princess from captivity. Super Onion Boy is a very adventurous platform application, in which your main task is to rescue the princess from a scary enemy that put her in a magic bubble, kill all creatures on the path and avoid barriers until you get to the main boss and rescue the girl! In this amazing platform application, you have to rescue a cute girl from an evil creature that trapped her in captivity. You have to go all the path and destroy every evil creature that are on the way, apart from dodging all the barriers to keep them in the path until you kill the evil enemy and save the poor girl. Have a good time with this addictive game, show your incredible skills to free the cute princess.

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