Dumb Riders

Dumb Riders

About game «Dumb Riders»

Assist the stupid racers in finishing each stage without dying. Try to accomplish all stages, including those generated by users, using a skateboard, golf cart, or antique bike. Make your own levels and share them with other gamers to play. Join a trio of adrenaline seekers in Dumb Riders and steer them through a series of hard stages. These men may lack brains, but if it's for fun, they're not scared to receive a few scratches. Can you guide them to their goal despite the numerous hurdles and perils that lie ahead? The game contains elements of different sports activities, which exist in our world. These types of sports are the most popular, and we managed to combine them in a single game. So if you are looking for a large collection of exciting mini games, this game is the perfect choice!

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