Bunnicula in Rescuing Harold

Bunnicula in Rescuing Harold

About game «Bunnicula in Rescuing Harold»

Play Bunnicula in Rescuing Harold online free game. The application suggests getting to know one of the vampires, known as Bunnicula. Do not be afraid, this is not a usual vampire. This is a rabbit-like creature, who needs carrot juice to keep living but not human blood. Meet the character’s best buddies: cat Chester and dog Harold. But something went wrong, and the puppy got into trouble. That is why the cat asked the rabbit for help. The dog hung up on the chandelier and he does nor know how to go down to the ground. The key point is to pick up various items and locate them in the appropriate windows on the screen. You can access the Bunnicula in rescuing Harold game from all the types of gadgets and devices.

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