Catch the Candy

Catch the Candy

About game «Catch the Candy»

Play Catch the Candy online free game, which you can access from all types of devices. Get ready to be taken to the wonderful world, where you will meet a nice jelly cube character. He has a very merry nature and he likes eating sweets. His favorite ones are lollipops. And we have a very important task – get these sweets to our lovely friend. Be ready to demonstrate your logical skills and use your brain. There are many machines and mechanisms that you must manage to build appropriate trajectory for the candy to reach the jelly cube. Pay attention to the bombs – they are not harmful, but they will help you. Use them to your advantage. When they go off, they may alter the candy trajectory. Overall, it is only you, who may influence the success of the game. So, use your attention and intelligence to become a winner.

Watch how to play: