Match Arena

Match Arena

About game «Match Arena»

Do you guys want to have fun? Then, welcome to Match Arena game. In this game, you will go to a magical arena where exciting competitions with other players will await you. Before you start the game you need to enter your nickname and choose one of the many cute avatars. When the choice is made, you will be ready to go to the magical arena, where rivals have already been waiting for you. The game will take place online, which means that all your opponents will be the same players as you. The game will automatically pick your opponent and you will go to the battle arena. In the center will be your playing field, and in the lower right corner - the opponent's field. For a certain number of moves, you must collect the maximum number of multi-colored carrots. Collect three or more items of the same color with a carrot and you can outrun your opponent. At the end of the round, the number of carrots will be counted and the winner will be determined. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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