Wrestle Online

Wrestle Online

About game «Wrestle Online»

Play Wrestle Online free fighting game. Step on the ring! The fighters flung together on the ring, and therefore only the strength of their legs might show who is worth to be a winner. Click to play the Wrestle Online game and choose the mode you like the most. There are single, double and multiplayer modes. Every fighter has a certain number of stars, indicated in the upper part of the screen. Once the player touches the floor with his head, the other player’s star is lighted. If all your stars are lighted before your opponent’s, you will win the match. The navigation is simple. You can use the buttons on the screen, as well as your own keyboard. Do not forget to gather coins, which you can then use to buy new nice outfits. Remember that you can access this game using any types of gadgets and devices.

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