Frozen - Double Trouble

Frozen - Double Trouble

About game «Frozen - Double Trouble»

Couple in love: Anna and Kristoff have teamed up to find the heiress to the throne of the kingdom of Arendelle and Anna's sister Elsa. She was frightened by her strength, given by nature to her from birth, so she went far, far away to live in her new castle, far from all people. You need to complete six dangerous levels, playing as a guy and a girl. Each has its own characteristics and purpose. For example, Anna needs to collect flowers in order to earn the highest score, and in some places she needs to look for a torch to melt the ice wall. In order to avoid enemies, you can coward the snow from the trees, create Olaf's snowman, or simply not get caught by Hans. Christophe, on the other hand, can climb rocks by grabbing onto ledges with a grappling hook. Along the way, he needs to collect not only ropes, but also trolls. At the last level, you will have to fight the boss Marshmello, who can be defeated with big snowballs. Have a good game!

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