Black Panther: Jungle Pursuit

Black Panther: Jungle Pursuit

About game «Black Panther: Jungle Pursuit»

Play Black Panther: Jungle Pursuit online free game. Get ready to visit the magic world where the Black Panther character lives. However, we must help to release the island from the alien invasion. When you get there, your task will be very responsible, and we must fulfill it in good faith. We need to save all the people of slavery. The key point is to assist the character, when he will be running through the woods, full of obstacles and traps. We will have to overcome them. Pay attention and be fast, do not let them catch you. Once you see your rival, you can fight against him with the claws. Be careful, your opponents also have weapons, so they can destroy you too. You can access this thrilling game from all the possible types of gadgets and devices.

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